I’m naked at home all the time

A good place to start with naturism is at home, if you are comfortable naked at home try something else. I’m always naked at home and spend the best part of my morning naked.

It’s good to see what you look like and is likely a good way of noticing if you put on weight. I sleep naked like a lot of people do, shower naked like all people and I’ve even painted naked. That way I get not paint on my clothes.

Once you are comfortable and before your neighbours all see you naked, try a spa or naturist club. You can meet others that feel the same way as you and it feels really freeing. Once a few people have see you naked and you’ve seen a few people naked it feels really natural. One thing though, it’s ok to look but not to stare. This can be hard if you see someone attractive or with a huge penis or gorgeous body. Easier said than done and if you get an erection it might be a little embarrassing and obviously why you got an erection.

It’s ok to be naked at home and if you get aroused then only people you know will be ok with it will see. It might be a little bit difficult if you need to open the door to collect a big package, pun intended.

Somethings are difficult to do naked at home like cooking and eating, cleaning the windows and gardening if overlooked.

If your garden is not overlooked than you are very lucky you can sunbath naked. This is a goal of mine is to sunbathe naked or to have a naked garden party.

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