About the company

This is an online company setup by one person to serve the needs of the community of naturism in the United Kingdom and those who wish to visit. I’m working on setting this up and a Community Interest Company where the intention is that it has specific information on how it’s going to benefit the community.

The vision is for this company is to be an ethic company that works with other ethical companies in order to grow and benefit together. I want to show an interest with ethic charities and companies such that help protect the earth such as recyclenow, greenpeace, energysavingtrust and The National Trust, which protects Studland Naturist Beach.

It’s here to provide facts, advice, information and support for everyone who takes an interest in naturism.

About the Company name

Free Body Culture takes its name from the German FKK meaning ‘Freikörperkultur‘ as I think this is a more open way of expressing the lifestyle of naturism.

It is to give a new and fresh look to the lifestyle and serve a broader appeal to more people, especially young women. Many young people may not feel the need to label wanting to sunbath naked or going to a nude sauna.

Plans for the Future

Free Body Culture wants to communicate effectively to younger audiences by using social media such as Facebook, Instagram and maybe even SnapChat. This is to get under the noses of people in there teens and 20’s so they can learn about the lifestyle and where they can do and what they can do if they want to try it out.

After then it has plans to have a mobile app where people can see all the things they can do in their local area. I want it to be able to work on Android as well as on iPhone. Ideally it would pick up on your location and only show you what’s around you and the local events happening soon.